Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun Fact of the Evening

Or morning, as the case may be.

I was reading about different types of blotting and the article (okay I admit it, it was the Wikipedia entry for Eastern blotting) had a fun timeline of all the witty scientists who have invented new types of blotting and carried on the tradition/joke of cardinal-direction-related names. (Southern blotting came first, and then Western, Northern, Southern, and a whole slew of sub-directions followed.)

I got very excited when I saw this one:

"(1984) Middle Eastern blotting has been described as a blot of polyA RNA (resolved by agarose) which is then immobilized. The immobilized RNA is then probed using DNA."

MIDDLE EASTERN BLOTTING!!!!! Hailing from the Middle East myself, this pleased me immensely.

From Sarah Moustafa on Picasa
The Middle East, minus the blotting.

And the paper that presented Middle Eastern blotting (mad props!), courtesy of PubMed:

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