Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's been a while!!!!

So it has been quite a while since anyone has posted on our lovely blog and I refuse to let it die SOOO when a friend posted this on my facebook wall, I thought, what better place to share this than on our lab blog?!? LOLZZZ!!! Even though the definition sounds more like meowtosis.

I also thought that I would share the wonderful discovery that I made; Do you ever have SO MANY ARTICLES to read??? of course you do. Do you ever have SO MANY PLATES to dissect??? Of course you do! Did you know that in Adobe Reader, you have the option of having your article read out loud to you? Well you do! all you have to do is go to 'view', 'read out loud', 'activate read out loud' and you can have it read the page or whole article to you. You can even change the pitch and speed of the voice. It's better than listening to music. It will also kindly try to read the websites, sources and even sometimes figures in the papers to be read out loud. My point being that it's not great but it can be helpful so I thought I would share.

Lab Love,

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  1. Comma. Comma. Hyphen. Line. Figure. 1. Line. Line. Hyphen. Hyphen. Wesleyan. University. FREDERICK! COHAN! DEPARTMENT! OF! BIOLOGY! PERIOD! PERIOD! PERIOD! PERIOD! PERIOD! LINE! HYPHEN! UNDERSCORE! DIAGONAL LINE!