Saturday, July 24, 2010

On WEAST- Edit

So I would like to edit my previous post. I neglected to mention some important information; the other labs that present at the WEAST meeting are the wonderful Holmes lab, with whom we went on a hike and you will hopefully see pictures soon, and the fabulous McAlear lab. The other person presentin today (bc more than one person usually presents at WEAST) was Sarah Kass-Gergi, a brilliant undergrad from the McAlear lab. Hopefully we can convince her to write a post sometime in the future.


  1. Wait, what about all the people who asked the great questions during weast? Why are we not mentioned??

  2. Edit to "On WEAST-Edit"

    Also all of the wonderful people who asked such clever and challenging questions.

  3. Edit to "Edit to 'On WEAST-Edit'"

    Also the table for holding all of our food and drinks, the projector for projecting our presentations, and the MB&B conference room for existing and holding our persons. And the whiteboard for allowing us to advertise the name of our blog...