Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shmoo you.

As everybody who works within a 50-yard radius of our lab knows, I love zygotes. THEY ARE SO CUTE. Picking zygotes is one of my favorite things to do in lab, mostly because they are SO CUTE, but also because pure diploid colonies - i.e. those that grow up from zygotes - sporulate MUCH better than mixed diploid/haploid populations - where not everybody that hits that spor plate can sporulate in the first place because HAPLOIDS DON'T DO MEIOSIS!!! I sporulated some particularly robust zygotes a few days ago and the tetrads were BANGIN'. It was delightful.

So anyway, I wanted to find a nice picture of a zygote on Google Images to post here so that you all could coo over zygotes with me, but I found Google's results unsatisfactory, so I decided to draw one myself.

Shut up.


  1. hahahah
    i actually laughed out loud when i read the last line

  2. hahahahaaaaaaahhhhhhh. only you, sarah.